Special Party Combo Meal Menu by Savory Food Truck
Pick one from each (A.B.C.) Column Make up your own Combo
A. B. C.每一列中选一. 自组套餐

A套餐 B套餐 C套餐
A1 芥兰牛肉/饭 B1 上海素春卷(1) C1 全素包子(2)
Beef Broccoli/rice Shanghai spring roll Vegetarian Buns
A2 蜜汁义烧/饭 B2 煎云吞(3) C2 猪肉菜包(2)
Honey roast pork/rice Pan fired wonton Pork/Bok choy Buns
A3 越式香茅鸡/饭 B3 北京锅贴(1) C3 酸菜牛肉包(2)
Lemon Grass Chicken/rice Beijing Ravioli Beef/sour choy Buns
A4 驰名辣子鸡/饭 B4 烤鸡串(1) C4 鲜鸡肉包(2)
Super spicy chicken/rice BBQ Chicken teriyaki Tender Chicken Buns
A5 红烧家常豆付/饭
Home Town Styles tofu/rice

Price for each combination meal is $9,50 (Tax included)

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